Note to DCFS…

For the record the mark on my forehead that looks remarkably like a door knob is indeed a door knob. I was trying to pull my undies on while standing in the foyer (after a diaper change) and pitched forward into the door knob. Honest. Seriously, I did indeed whack my forehead into the door knob.

Earlier today I went into Mommy & Daddy’s room to get a lanyard for my Disney pins and when walking back to the living room I was paying so much attention to the lanyards that even with Daddy’s warning… WHACK. My left hand and arm went behind the door (that separates the dining room from the bedroom hallway), my right arm on the other side of the door and my face straight into the latch. Not the knob, but the actually latch bit. (The door was partly closed since before my trip to the bedroom the door was fully closed so I didn’t wake Emmerson.)


That’s me.

I’m a special one.

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