“Blech… That’s Yucky Juice” *smash*

Even though I still eat my veggies like broccoli and corn and carrots, Mommy and Daddy have gotten somewhat frustrated that it can take me an hour or so of goading before I eat enough of my lunch/dinner to satisfy my daily caloric needs. So, figuring that V8 is a good source of veggies and that I love juice, Mommy and Daddy bought a 24 pack of V8 (original) from Costco last night. They put it in my sippy cup this morning when I asked for juice.

I took a deep swig thinking it was Orange Juice. NOT! My reaction: “Blech… That’s yucky juice” followed by a high speed, high force throw of my sippy cup into the kitchen floor. Hard enough that my V8 came out of the cup onto the floor!

So, V8 original isn’t for me. Anyone have any ideas on alternative flavors or alternate veggy sources??? I love carrots… maybe something based on carrots instead of tomatoes??? Maybe Mommy and Daddy should have gotten it *really* *really* cold first?

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