I better be careful or I’ll end up a pawn of Mommy’s in her attempts to train Daddy…

So, today was interesting. I’ve been crabby all day. Mommy and Daddy do however take accountability for this. They stuck me in the car a bit before 9 this morning and ran errands until 1 pm. They did buy me a fun new sandbox/water table combo for when I potty train. Nevertheless I was CRANKY by the time we got home at 1 pm. I refused to take a nap because I didn’t have any down time/outdoor play time.

So, after 2 hours of self quiet play in my room (which I did without much fuss), I got aggressive and hit and bit Mommy and Daddy. Mommy started to cry. Well, Mommy and Daddy had enough and took me out back to haul sand. In this case it was haul the play sand from my old (too big with my new playhouse) sandbox around to the front of the house to partly fill in the hole from the old tree. I didn’t listen very well and would sprint ahead with my bucket to the front yard. Mommy and Daddy got very upset with me because I wasn’t listening and was endangering myself.

Eventually, after one sprint down the side of the house and out to the front yard with the last of the sand, Daddy had enough and shut the gate locking me and Mommy in the back yard. I was NOT happy.

Daddy went to trim the Pentas (http://hort.ifas.ufl.edu/shrubs/PENLANA.PDF) in back and I kept getting in the way, wanting to help, but not listening and endangering myself. Eventually Mommy took me in for a bath.

Getting around to the title of this post…
Daddy, being sooooo frustrated at me stayed in the backyard and trimmed 1/3 to 1/2 of the palms in the backyard. The Travelers (http://hort.ufl.edu/trees/RAVMADA.pdf) and
Areca’s (http://hort.ufl.edu/trees/CHRLUTA.pdf) had some die-back during the one night of freezing weather and high winds we’ve had this winter. Mommy and Daddy didn’t want to trim back the plants until we were probably clear of any other freezing weather, figuring that if they did trim back it would freeze again and damage more of the plants.

Well, as Daddy finished the last bits of tidy up and got ready to come in and shower Mommy said “I like when you get frustrated with Breighton and want to avoid him” and had this, well, impish look. I’m kind of worried that if I’m not careful, Mommy will ensnare me in her never-ending (and Daddy says hopeless) plans to train Daddy!

Anyway, love to all of you! I’m hoping I get a good night’s sleep tonight!

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