My playhouse rocks!

I forgot to post pictures from last Saturday afternoon (Jan 12th – Beach day!). Emmerson snuck out of Mommy when we were at Costco and when I got back to the minivan, I had a playhouse that I saw in Costco and REALLY wanted! I was crying because Daddy wouldn’t buy it for me, but turns out Emmerson ROCKS! He got it for me 🙂

So, Saturday after nap, we put it together. It’s really cool:

Watching Daddy put the roof on:


Checking the benches for safety…


Relaxing on the bench with the window box planting pots.


Checking for new mail 🙂


Mommy tucked into the house with me! I love my house!


Wait, my house needs BUBBLES! Let me get them off the table!


Yea! This house is fun.


Oops, did Daddy tighten the bolt enough? I better use my Allen wrench and make sure


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