Mommy & Daddy have given my baby bro a name…

Here are a few pictures of him and one of Mommy recovering in her room…

And my baby brother’s name is:
Emmerson Carrington Reed

5 thoughts on “Mommy & Daddy have given my baby bro a name…”

  1. Congratulations from the gang at Plaza. We are thrilled with his new name. And we won’t need to come up with a nicknamme. Hope all is well, see you tonight.

  2. Welcome to the world Emmerson Carrington. You and your brother are going to look a lot alike. Breighton will be up to see you later this afternoon. Hope your mommy is getting some well deserved rest.

  3. Congratulation David, Laurie and Breighton

    the baby is so cute and he looks like his big brother.
    God bless you and thanks so much for give me another angel.

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