Sub-let My Crib

I decided that I needed a crib-mate. Mommy & Daddy said no but thought my attempt was rather cute. After my nap I took all of my stuffed animals and built a wall in my crib. I was squeezed into the small opening rather content reading a book and playing with my stuffed Tur-tle until Mommy got me out of bed. Oh well, maybe I will try again later.

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2nd Annual After Turkey Day Cookie Baking

We went to Grandma Jo’s house again this year for our cookie making marathon.


This year I was more than a bump on a log and got to help out. I got to smash cookies (don’t worry my hands were clean).



Here is a picture of me LAST year helping with cookies.
How much I have changed!!!!


My Cousin Anna was there too and she played with me for a while. I had a fun time. I even stole her slippers, Hop-hops (bunnies)




I had a wonderful turkey day with my family. We ate at Grandma and Grandpa Reed’s house. There was lots of yummy food, including pretzles! I especially enjoyed the playtime with my cousins Anna and Ian. They played Legos, books and lots of other games with me. I got to go to the park and play in the sand with my bucket too. I really enjoy playing with older kids because they have so much to teach me, I like learning.

I decided that I would rather have fun with the family then sleep. So I only took a brief 20 minute nap. I survived the day but barely made it until bedtime before drifting off. Two hours after Mommy & Daddy put me to bed I awoke screaming. I think I had another night terror along with the pain of my teeth. Mommy and Daddy took good care of me and I eventually went back to sleep.

Well, today I went shopping with Mommy and Granny Susie. We only went to the craft store and the Dollar store. Mommy and Granny don’t really like crowds. I don’t understand why. It is fun when there are lots of people to flirt with. Mommy said they are all just grumpy anyway on Black Friday. Mommy said I must have been tired from all hte fun yesterday because today i took a 3.5 hour nap! I just needed to catch up on my sleep Mom! 

Well, I am off to play…hope everyone had a nice Turkey Day.