Time flies…

Okay so it has been a while since I updated. My life has been changing so quickly. Mommy and Daddy thought I was FINALLY getting a tooth… boy did I have them fooled. My gums swelled up and got a huge white bubble and then it all went away. I am still crabby but a LOT less than I was last week.

I am walking very well now. I can stand up on my own when I topple over without the help of Mom or furnature. I also learned a cool trick — straighten my legs out like I’m standing but stick my head on the floor so I can look backwards and upside down at everything! Boy, is that cool!!!!

My speech is developing well too. Last week I was obcessed with saying “zaaaa-zoooooooo”. It was my battle cry for a few days. This week I am just babbling up a storm. Mommy tells me NO and I say YES! I am TOO cute! I also give kisses now. I climb Mommy and kiss her on the lips… I am a sloppppppppy kisser. But it seems to make Mommy & Daddy smile so I will keep doing it. I can now find Mommy’s nose (but rarely Daddy’s).

I got to go to Disney World for a few days last week (Mommy and Daddy forgot the camera AGAIN). I had a LOT of fun. Mommy and Daddy ate Salmon when the waitress and hostess carried me around so they could eat in peace. I enjoyed doing something different. Since I walk now Mommy & Daddy bought me “monkey hugs” (::really a backpack that looks like a monkey that has a leash for a tail::). I like monkey hugs because i can toddle all over and Mommy and Daddy can catch me quicker when I try to run.

I discovered the “ground fountain” at the Winnie-the-pooh ride area. I discovered that if I laid down on the ground on my tummy, put my face really close ot the hole in the ground and waited a few seconds I would get soaking wet from the sprayers! It was fun for a hot day. Mommy and Daddy let me get SOAKING wet. I slept very well that night because I was exhausted!

We went out to lunch for Father’s Day to Sam Seltzer’s steakhouse. I ate grapes and cheese. I am learning to eat more table food… but still only fruits ( I really like grapes and melon) and veggies… no meat or egg-ies yet… not for lack of Mom trying though! Afterwards we went to Grandma Jo’s and Grandpa Howie’s and I got to go swimming and play at my water table. Oh yeah, I also ate a POUND of blueberries. (Thanks Grandma Jo I liked boo-berries!)

Today I got to watch Dad and Grandpa Howie rustle an aligator out of the Coy Pond!!!! WAY COOL! He was bigger than ME! (okay not really but the teeth looked SHARP!) Mommy took pictures because she wasn’t silly enough to get into the action. Plus, I like my Mommy with all 10 fingers, 10 toes and her fun to play with BELLY BUTTON. (I like to poke at it!!!)
100 1198
100 1205

I guess that is it from me right now… unless Daddy thinks of anything I left out. I am a busy boy but I am loving every minute of life (even when i am fussy!!!)

P.S., Mom & Dad want to have a poll:
We think 14 months!

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