It is the middle of the night and I have been awake for over an hour. Mommy isn’t happy with me but I just don’t feel well. Today i had a 102F fever and just fell icky. The Dr says I have yet another ear infection. Ugh. Mommy didn’t like antibiotics last time either. Hopefully my tummy does better this time with them.

I had to skip Moms group this week and may miss baby sign and gymboreee for the rest of the week. Dr J said it is all about how i feel tomorrow.

Hugs and I am going to try to go back to bed for Mommy. I can tell she is tired now.

Holiday Update

Mommy & Daddy have been really busy of late. I am not helping the matter because since Christmas I have been way off schedule and not sleeping well. To top it off Mom has had a hard time making enough milk for me so she is taking medicine to help her and it reaaaalllly makes her tired.

I had a good Christmas with all of my family. Uncle Matt was here from California, I really enjoyed my time with him. I also got to see my cousins (Taylor & Micki) again. They played with me and showed me I was ticklish. My Aunt Jole’ helped watch me some so Mom could have a break. I wish they lived closer to me because I like visiting with them.

Santa brought me all sorts of cool toys. Grandma Jo & Grandpa Howie bought me a neat rocking horse and a Leapfrog Learning station. I can practice standing and pulling up on it as well as entertain myself for a good while. Grandma Susie got me clothes and a shape sorting toy. I also got money for my savings account from my Grandpa John & Granny Olga. Other things I got for Christmas: a few neat shape sorter games, a ton of books, Lincoln logs (mommy said She will play with them til i learn to stop eating everything i touch), more clothes, a dinosaur and jungle playground toy for my roll-a-round balls, and a few more things i can’t remember because Mommy put them in the “until later” toy box because I got too much stuff and can’t play with it all at once. THANKS EVERYONE!!!

On the day after CHristmas Mommy came into the room to check on me and I was sitting up! 🙂 SURPRISE! I have now mastered crawling and am sitting up unassisted. I can get just about anyplace I want to go now, and quickly too! Watch out tired Mommy you are going to get more tired chasing me! 🙂

There is so much I am probably forgetting but I will try to update more later if I can.

I have pictures to add but I am just waiting for Mommy & Daddy to download them from the cameras for me to post up here.
Just want to say Happy Holidays to everyone and hope everyone has a good season, I know I did!

-Love Always!