What a long day…

Today is Daddy’s turn to post to my blog. It’s going to be a super short post because our “24 hours of internet access” expires in about 10 minutes and the Hilton we’re staying at charges a FORTURNE for internet — especially if you have more than one laptop! Mommy plans a long post tomorrow with pictures, so hang in there!

In a nutshell:
* I fell asleep at 9 pm and Mommy & Daddy had to get me out of bed at 8 when they were ready to leave for the day.
* We went all around Barcelona. How fun! We took the Tourist bus.
* We saw all types of buildings by Gaudi.
* We went to the zoo. I discovered that Black Panthers seem to have hairballs too — at least they make the same (but *much* deeper sound) that our cats make. I also heard Mommy & Daddy & G’ma & G’pa Reed talking about the animals (Peacocks and Ostriches being “randy” and the Male Gorilla doing things to himself… Whatever. I don’t get it.)
* After a long day we were back at the hotel at 6-7 pm and I’m SOOOO tired I’m already mostly asleep. Early night for me unless Mom & Dad want to fight with me all night!

By the way, it’s worth it to stay at a Disney affiliated hotel for this cruise. You can actually check-in at their “table” in the lobby. They will pick up the bags at 8 and have the Key to the World cards available (here at the hotel) sometime in the morning. How cool. No need to do *anything* in the Barcelona Terminal. Just walk on the ship. Awesome!

Alright, off to bed!

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