Holiday Update

Mommy & Daddy have been really busy of late. I am not helping the matter because since Christmas I have been way off schedule and not sleeping well. To top it off Mom has had a hard time making enough milk for me so she is taking medicine to help her and it reaaaalllly makes her tired.

I had a good Christmas with all of my family. Uncle Matt was here from California, I really enjoyed my time with him. I also got to see my cousins (Taylor & Micki) again. They played with me and showed me I was ticklish. My Aunt Jole’ helped watch me some so Mom could have a break. I wish they lived closer to me because I like visiting with them.

Santa brought me all sorts of cool toys. Grandma Jo & Grandpa Howie bought me a neat rocking horse and a Leapfrog Learning station. I can practice standing and pulling up on it as well as entertain myself for a good while. Grandma Susie got me clothes and a shape sorting toy. I also got money for my savings account from my Grandpa John & Granny Olga. Other things I got for Christmas: a few neat shape sorter games, a ton of books, Lincoln logs (mommy said She will play with them til i learn to stop eating everything i touch), more clothes, a dinosaur and jungle playground toy for my roll-a-round balls, and a few more things i can’t remember because Mommy put them in the “until later” toy box because I got too much stuff and can’t play with it all at once. THANKS EVERYONE!!!

On the day after CHristmas Mommy came into the room to check on me and I was sitting up! 🙂 SURPRISE! I have now mastered crawling and am sitting up unassisted. I can get just about anyplace I want to go now, and quickly too! Watch out tired Mommy you are going to get more tired chasing me! 🙂

There is so much I am probably forgetting but I will try to update more later if I can.

I have pictures to add but I am just waiting for Mommy & Daddy to download them from the cameras for me to post up here.
Just want to say Happy Holidays to everyone and hope everyone has a good season, I know I did!

-Love Always!

Getting Ready for Santa

I am ready for Santa to come. Mommy said I will see a lot of my family members in the next week and that I should be resting up so I can show off my cuteness! 🙂 I have a lot of that! My Uncle Matt gets here on Friday from California… I have not seen him since I was VERY little.

My Uncle Bronson, Aunt Jole’ and cousins Micki and Taylor will be in town too. I saw them at Halloween but have grown up a bit since then too.

Santa Claus dropped my gifts off early because he knew Mommy & Daddy weren’t sure where I was going to open my gifts at. I snuck under the tree the other day of took the bow off of one of my presents and then managed to open it… so Mommy let me have it early. Christmas BLOCKS! Fun to knock over when Mommy stacks them for me.

This week i pulled up on my knees and played in my toy bucket and I am getting really good at pearching on the foyer ledge and pulling to my feet. I still haven’t firgured out “CRAWL” but I work hard on it every day.

Last night I spely 11 1/2 hours straight! Mommy was happy with me. I think I was growing becasue I got really hungry and then really tired. Today i am not that hungry.

Well, in my life I think that is all….

Had fun at Gymboree today and I get to see my friends on Wednesday from Bradley class…

Then SANTA!!!!


I saw Pooh!

I had a fun time with Mom, Dad and Grandma and Grandpa Reed at Disney World. I got to stay up late, drink through a straw, have lunch with Winnie-The-Pooh and his pals and much much more.
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I haven’t been feeling well lately. I had an ear infection and I am still getting over my cold. Dr. Jordan gave me antibiotics and it made my tummy hurt (Mom said diapers were no FUN!) But I am feeling better now. I am just having a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep through the night. I am really wanting to practice crawling but I don’t seem to be getting anywhere other than backwards right now. I really want to master this skill so I can sleep better. I dream about crawling…


It was cold at Disney and I got to dress really warm in my neat-o winter clothes. I got to see a parade with all my favorite Disney Characters and Santa too!


Oh yeah, I even got to sit on Santa’s lap! One night we went to Epcot and saw the CandleLight Processional. It was fun, everyone there was singing so pretty it put me to sleep. But I woke up just in time to bug Mom and Dad at dinner at the French Resturant at Epcot.


I went to a make up class at Gymboree on Saturday and decided that I really like my regualr class better. More girls to flirt with!
Today I get to go visit Grandma Susie and play on her floor. I want to practice crawling as much as a can!

Thanksgiving and then Christmas cookies

I have been a busy busy boy the last week. For Thanksgiving Mommy & Daddy took me to Grandma Jo and Grandpa Howie’s house. They ate yummy turkey and all the fixings. All i got was milk and icky green beans! Oh well, I guess next year I will get to eat more BIG people food. We all had a wonderful time and appreciated the hospitality. My cousin Anna fed me my dinner. She held the bottle just right and I gobbled it all up.

Grandma let me ride the rocking horse… that was fun!

On Saturday we went back to make Christmas cookies. Grandpa Howie helped watch me when everyone baked cookies. Mommy snuck me a little taste of cookie dough! Thanks mom! Grandma Jo let me play with the BIG spoon and help bake. Next year everyone said I can EAT the cookies too!

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I am having so much fun being a little boy. Next Saturday I will be 6 months old! I can’t wait!