I figured it out!

I finally figured out why I’ve been so cranky/moody and gotten such a kick out of pulling Mom & Dad’s hair. They’re idiots! Blathering, nonsensical, obtuse, idiots! Everyone keeps telling me how they are really smart. Well, let me tell you — that’s soooooo not true. I’ve been cranky & moody because they’ve not been giving me enough challenges. I was terribly bored. I wasn’t listening to them because they were only asking me to do silly simple things. Hey, Grandma, if you read this, tell Mom & Dad to shape up and start giving me more challenges. At least they got today right…

Art Class
Today was my first art class at Gymboree. It’s for kids 18 months & up (and I’m only 14 months), but Mom thought to give me a try. It was awesome! I managed to follow the directions and do a great job in class! I’m in a much better mood. (Daddy just said that I take after him — he gets cranky and moody and likes to procrastinate if the challenge isn’t big enough.) Class started with a song and greeting and then we got down to the fun stuff, with a theme of “The Sun

  • Miss Sharlene gave me a paper plate and I helped Mommy spread glue on it. I then picked up yellow things (like crepe paper, pipe cleaner bits) and stuck them in the glue. Cool huh?
  • We had snack time and I sat in my chair and ate my Ritz cracker and after I was done I stayed seated! Yea me!
  • The teacher hung big pieces of paper on the walls that had a big circle drawn on each of them. Mommy came over and held a bowl of yellow and orange paint. She took my hand, dipped it in the paint, and helped my with the first brush stroke. From there I was all on my own! I would dip the brush and then paint on the paper. I had fun painting the sun. (At the end I decided to stick my hand on the wet paint and put my hand-print on the painting of the kid next to me!) I only tasted the brush one time and decided it was ICKY!
  • Bead stringing!!! Mommy held the string for me (she held it nice and still) and I would find the hole in the middle of the bead and put it over the end of the string (Mom said those were shoelaces — not sure what those are for sure — we all wear sandals.)

100 1410

100 1412
It was way fun!

So, hopefully Mom and Dad will get the idea and start upping the ante for me. I like the challenges! Keep them coming! Feel free to use the comment feature and give Mom and Dad new ideas for things to keep my mind busy!

The Past Few Days
I’ve been really bad about updating my blog. It’s been hectic. They came and tore out the patio out back to get ready for the new sunroom! That was noisy but really cool. They had a jackhammer and I could feel it vibrating inside the house! Then they came by and picked up all the old patio with a front-loader. That was incredible! Each time the front-loader would dump a bucket into the truck, I would giggle and smile! I loved watching it! Mom said they’ll be back next week to jackhammer more of the old patio out — they figured the size wrong so they need to take out more of the concrete. I can’t wait!!!!!!!
100 1350

100 1355

100 1366

100 1370

100 1371

100 1377

100 1372

100 1406

100 1409

While I was watching them pick-up the concrete, check out what I figured out how to do. Mind you, I’ve never been allowed to play with the Vespa before and I’ve never seen daddy ride it. Mommy sat me on the seat and I looked over the console, reached down, turned the key, and then reached back up and hit the starter button! Then both hands went up to hold on! (Mom didn’t get any pictures of that since she was worried I would fall over!) I was kind of disappointed it wouldn’t start though. Apparently (a) it’s broken and needs to go to the shop and (b) I have to hold the brake lever in when pressing the starter button. I’m not quite big enough to do both but will be soon! Look out girls! No more clandestine meetings behind the tree at Gymboree, I’ll be coming to your place and we can go cruise before too much longer! Dad — PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get the Vespa fixed soon!

100 1392

100 1391

100 1393
That’s it for now!



We went over to Disney for part of the week. I had a fun time with my grandparents and cousins. I got to walk a LOT but i had a hard time taking my naps… i was just TOO excited. It was a rocky trip at the beginning because someone left “plumbers caulk” in the trash can in the hotel room and I shoved it in my mouth. Thank goodness I have a quick Mommy who immediately took it from me before I got hurt. Then my crib at the hotel didn’t work right and they had to get me a new one. Overall, I had FUN! It was just stressful for Mommy and Daddy a bit.

I got to ride in the space shuttle. After an extensive systems check Mommy gave me the all clear!

100 1337

100 1341

100 1343

100 1342

We walked around at Downtown Disney and I got to see DUCKS! YEah me! I love ducks!

100 1333

100 1335

100 1332

When we got home the house was full of water!!! SneakyPie (who is now up for adoption, j/k) chewed a hole in a waterline that feeds the fish tank and water sprayed all over my playroom and the fish tank room. Mommy & Daddy were not happy with her but it is all cleaned up and dry now. They had to put down new carpet padding and Daddy used a carpet kicker for the first time. My carpet is really pretty now, and tight too! Good job Daddy!

Fish Tank

My BIG fish tank arrived today. I was taking a nap and Mommy & Daddy unpacked everything. Grandma Jo and Grandpa Howie came over and played with me this evening so Mom & Dad could re-run all the tubes because the tank was TOO BIG for the spot they were going to put it. Here are a few pictures of my new fish tank and some pictures of my LITTLE tank with my current fish.
100 1299
Oh, I had to check it out.
100 1301
It is like a playhouse for me!

100 1302
Compared to my 24 gallon tank this is a MONSTER! 225 gallons!!

100 1308
I think I will sleep here tonight!

100 1303
My current LITTLE tank with my FISSSSSSS!

Zoo time with Daddy!

Today daddy got to take care of me from my morning nap until about 2! Go daddy!

Mommy left for the morning after she put me in my crib thinking I would take my nap, but I knew something was up so I refused to take my nap! Daddy came in and whisked me into the car. Off we went and I fell asleep listening to classical music (remind me to ask daddy who I was listening to!) When I woke up, I was at the Zoo!!!! Daddy took me to see the baby elephant and giraffes. They have a thing where you can buy a giraffe cracker and feed it to them. Daddy took me up there and as soon as I saw the big giraffe I said “raffe!” The lady who gave daddy the cracker said she was soooooo impressed that I said giraffe! Daddy told her that I love my animals. Animal book! Animal pictures! Animal sounds! Animal toys/figures! If it relates to animals, I love it! Here’s me after the giraffe took the cracker with his long black tongue! Wild!


After that we went to see the chimps and orangutans. I liked watching the orangutans. They were playing just the way I do! Then we walked around for a bit and rode the carousel.


I had soooo much fun. I ate all my lunch plus a lot of grapes, cantaloupe, honeydew, and watermelon!

This weekend is Gramma Jo’s birthday, so I’m looking forward to it!