I had a wonderful turkey day with my family. We ate at Grandma and Grandpa Reed’s house. There was lots of yummy food, including pretzles! I especially enjoyed the playtime with my cousins Anna and Ian. They played Legos, books and lots of other games with me. I got to go to the park and play in the sand with my bucket too. I really enjoy playing with older kids because they have so much to teach me, I like learning.

I decided that I would rather have fun with the family then sleep. So I only took a brief 20 minute nap. I survived the day but barely made it until bedtime before drifting off. Two hours after Mommy & Daddy put me to bed I awoke screaming. I think I had another night terror along with the pain of my teeth. Mommy and Daddy took good care of me and I eventually went back to sleep.

Well, today I went shopping with Mommy and Granny Susie. We only went to the craft store and the Dollar store. Mommy and Granny don’t really like crowds. I don’t understand why. It is fun when there are lots of people to flirt with. Mommy said they are all just grumpy anyway on Black Friday. Mommy said I must have been tired from all hte fun yesterday because today i took a 3.5 hour nap! I just needed to catch up on my sleep Mom! 

Well, I am off to play…hope everyone had a nice Turkey Day.

Christmas List

Dear Santa,

I have been a good boy all year long. Sure I had my cranky days but cutting teeth and general toodlerhood cane take the blame for those. I walk, run, eat my veggies, give hugs and kisses, pet the cats gently and am always smiling. I really like animals and the sounds that they make. I enjoy doing puzzles of all kinds and working with my mind. Mommy helped make my list so it is easy to shop. Here goes:

Washable Tempera Paint 6 Pack

No-Spill Paint Cups and Brushes 6 Pack

Roll-On Painters

Learn My Colors Fishing Set

Go Fish Playing Cards

Pony Musical Jack-In-The-Box

See & Spell Wooden Word Maker

Animal Hospital

Ramp Racer ( I REALLY like this one!)

Learning Resources Shape Shell Turtles

Small Wonder Toys Dress Up Kitty

Shape Sorting Clock

Magnetic ABC Book

I think that is all for now. Thanks again Santa and others. I promise to behave and not bite, kick or scream. I promise to be the good little boy that I am growing into.


Breighton S. Reed

PS: Grandma Susie suggested that Mommy remove gifts from the list if she knows someone is buying or bought it so there are no duplicates… SMART GRANNY!

Tooth explosion #2…

Well today I was cranky again and had the trip-sies again. I was playing with a ball at Gymboree and rolled it between my legs. I looked down to see where it went and planted my head on the ground. I gave myself a nice raspberry bruise on the right side of my head. (Daddy said that is the artistic side.) I just can’t win lately! Daddy thinks some of my trips are because my feet are HUGE now and I insist on walking on my tippy-toes.

Tonight after my bath Mommy was brushing my teeth and discovered that the 3rd point of my first molar came through sometime today. She also found that the molar on the top right side of my mouth has two points through now!

I guess when I get teeth I have a BUNCH at the same time. Mommy & Daddy said that it explains my strange crankiness of late.

Thanks for checking up on my life updates.

It’s been three months…

It has been three months since my last tooth. Tonight I was acting really OFF. Mommy looked in my mouth and low and behold there was a new tooth! YIPPIE! I now have one first molar (or at least two little points of it). Daddy said it is my left upper first molar. I say it is “ouch!”

I was so off tonight that when I was going to bed tonight I took a head first running dive into the frame of my bedroom door. Mommy & Daddy let me go to bed because I was acting okay but they came in an hour later to check on me. When the light turned on I shot straight up in bed, looked at my parents as if they were crazy and then went right back to sleep. 

So today I was off-balance. Tomorrow will be a better day, it HAS to be!