Update on my BIG boy bed

I am doing really well sleeping in my new bed. Yesterday I woke up at 5-am and thought it was time to get up and start my day. Mommy didn’t come when I called her name so I opted for knocking on the door to my room until she came in to get me. She put me back in bed and told me to go back to sleep. I did, for a little while! I really think knocking on the door gets Mommy going faster in the morning, but then she is grumpy. Today I opted for clicking the light switch on and off and on and off…. then I shouted for Mommy, that worked. I haven’t decided how I will wake Mommy and Daddy up tomorrow. It will be a surprise.

At nap-time I really haven’t wanted to go to sleep. But Mommy puts me in the bed and leaves the room, I get out of bed and play for a few minutes and then crawl back into my bed and take my nap. I like things on my terms.

Nice Visit with Great Granny Allen

Great Granny Allen came over today. She is leaving for Ohio soon and I won’t get to see her again for a while. She came to Gymboree with me today. I really had fun showing her all the things I do there. When we got back to the house I showed her all the toys I like. Granny Susie brought over dinner and we had a nice meal from YaYa’s Chicken. Daddy had to go up to Grandma Jo and Grandpa Howie’s house to check on the fish because the temperature was getting too high.

Here are a few pictures from tonight.



Big Boy Bed

Well, it is official…I no longer sleep in a crib! I now have a crib with a toddler rail. Surprisingly Mommy only had to put me back into the bed once when I took my nap today. When I got up from my nap I stayed in my bed calling for Mommy until she came to get me. Tonight I went right to bed and didn’t get out at all! What a BIG BOY!


Fun at Sage’s House

Today Mommy and I went to Ms. Sage’s house for fun and play. A lot of my friends were there… (Gavin, Kieran, Sage, Lily and Me!) Sage was really nice and shared all of her toys and even let us play on her new jungle-gym in her backyard. I had a real fun time!

100 2383
Sage and Breighton waiting for lunch

100 2381

100 2376

Gavin and Leslie

100 2370
Lily getting ready for college

100 2364

Queen Sage lounging with her harem at her beckon call
100 2356
Mrs. Karen and my gal Sage!

100 2347

Kieran and me playing