My life as a Klutz…

So, there I was last Wednesday…healing very well and minding my own business… Mommy said BATHTIME… I grabbed her finger and headed towards the bathroom for my bath (I LOVE BATHTIME!). Well, my big toe got in my way and I went face first into the tile. Ugh! Yeah, right onto my boo-boo! It swelled up nicely and had a blood blister underneath. I am doing fine now… I just think Mommy & Daddy need to buy me a helmet or something padded.

After my horrid evening I just wantd to go to sleep. Well, my body had other plans. I was all congested and coughing up my lungs. Mommy tooks me to the doctor on Thursday morning and he said I have a mild upper-respiratory infection and another ear infection. That is my first ear infection sine March! Well, i get to take icky anti-biotics and have tummy aches because I dont do well with them.

After I saw the doctor we all piled in the car and went to DisneyWorld. Yeah I know, no rest for the sick kid, huh! I was fine actually…just really coughy at night. I went with my friend Ethan to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom. We had a fun time. My costume was a bit too warm for me so I kind of took it off early. Mr. Ethan was really snazzy as a skeleton with green spikey hair.


(Mr. Ethan)


Ethan spent the night trying to steal my snacks… GRRRRR!


(Ethan stealing my raisens!)

But i stole his binki and put it in my mouth that way he couldnt use it anymore because I was sick! hehe! I am a big meanie I know! We had a fun time… we trick-or-treated and danced and just had fun.


(Daddy and Me, Jamie and Mr. Ethan! )

The next day kinda stunk because Mommy was sick and I was very tired. We really just hung out in the hotel all day. Which was fine by me I guess because I caught up on some badly needed sleep.

Overall we had a fun time at Disney. I am excited because our cruise is coming up soon and I really can’t wait to see all the neat stuff on the ship! 🙂

Mommy & Daddy said that I won’t be getting my new playroom because of permit issues and the room would have been too small. However, I AM getting new windows sometime VERY soon. That will be nice because the old ones are dirty and Mommy won’t let me bang on them for fear they will fall out. Thanks Parents!

Hopefully I will be feeling better by tomorrow so I can get back to Gymboree and my playdates. I don’t like being cooped up in the house this much, and I am sure Mommy doesn’t either! 







Fun Outside

The weather is finally cooling off a bit and Mommy and I can play outside during the afternoons now. Yesterday we had another messy art project day in the driveway. I got to scribble with sidewalk chalk (but I liked the flavor more than the coloring effect). Then Mommy got out my paints. I painted everything in site… including ME! I had a lot of fun.

100_1931.JPG  100_1934.JPG 

100_1942.JPG 100_2019.JPG 

100_1957.JPG  100_1974.JPG

I stayed pretty clean! You can see my grovy scar progress in the picture. I am healing well, I hear paint helps! Mom said, “Probably not.”




Recovering Well

I am doing very well on my road to recovery. My boo-boo is healing nicely. I don’t have to wear the silly band-aid anymore and the stitches are all gone. Mommy said I was a trooper when they took out the stitches. I knew when the doctor would get close to my forehead and I would pull away! I am so smart! But he eventually got all of them out. Daddy will try to get a new picture before the weekend of my progress. Here is one from the day I got the stitches out
100 1929

It is looking very good and healing nicely. I get scar treatment two times a day from Mommy. I really don’t like that much either, but I give in eventually.

Here is another picture Daddy took of me eating grapes with my fork. I eat better when I get to use big people silverware! 🙂 GO ME!
100 1888
100 1895

I get to go see Mickey Mouse again soon. I am really excited because my friend Ethan is going with me this time! YEAH!

I guess that is all for now. Will check back in a few days! 🙂

Update on my injury…

I’m doing fine. Recovering nicely. The sutures are holding (so far) despite my using my forehead as a pivot when I climb onto the sofa and bed. I went to EPCOT yesterday and had a great time. It’s the Food & Wine festival so Mom, Dad, and Grandma Jo walked around and sampled some foods. We went on the Figment ride and had a great time. I’m starting to get over my fear of the characters. We ate at the Garden Grill and while I shied away from Chip, Dale, Mickey, and Pluto, I didn’t scream.

Anyway, thanks for everyone’s concern! Here’s an action shot of me diving at the camera. It’s a bit fuzzy, but you can see the sutures and great job the doctor appears to have done. The first picture is more clear if you want to click on it and see the close-up!

100 1884
100 1885
Oh, and here’s a picture from last Saturday’s trip to EPCOT (yes, we went two Saturdays in a row! It was fun!) That’s the shirt I was wearing when I took my tumble. It’s Mommy’s favorite shirt of mine. She’s been trying to get the blood out….

100 1871

My first 911 experience…

Okay, so I had a good morning. Playtime, meeting Tyler, and all of that. My evening has been the worst of my life. It all started innocently enough.

Daddy had gone up to Grandma Jo’s to help her get Great-grandma Gigi’s car back from the shop. (Everyone in the family seems to be having to take their car to the body shop during the past month!) I was playing in the living room with Mommy, having a great time. Mommy was talking with Daddy on his cell phone and I was giggling up a storm bounding all around. Not a care in the world. Life was good before I lost my innocence… ah, the good old times before today… *sigh* Well, my little chair from IKEA (shown below) jumped into my path (okay, maybe it stayed still and I tripped — it’s all a matter of perspective, isn’t it?) and I took a tumble. Normally not a big deal. This time however, I found myself headed forehead first into the marble step-up into the foyer (also shown below for those of you who haven’t seem our house since the tile was put in). Well, tile and foreheads don’t go together. I screamed and Mommy hung up on Daddy and came running over (actually she was already in motion the moment my tumble started). She scooped me up and blood was going everywhere. Being the smart cookie that she is, she grabbed a towel that was in the area and pressed it to my head. She called 911 and just shouted the information because she couldn’t hear the 911 operator over my screams. Mommy came close to loosing it, but kept it together. I’ve got one cool Mommy. Anyway, Clearwater Fire Rescue arrived and bandaged up my head and then I got loaded into an ambulance for a trip to Mease Countryside. Before they left the house, Mom makes the fire/rescue folks call Daddy on his cell phone — she’s too shaken up to do so. Daddy told me that when he answered and it wasn’t Mommy calling from the house he knew something bad had happened.

Anyway, so far I’m absolutely miserable. My head hurts, I’m covered with blood, they’ve got me strapped to the ambulance gurney, and Mom’s got tears running down her face…

It only gets worse. I get to the ER and all these strange people want to poke and prod me. (Thankfully by then Grandma Jo and Daddy had arrived and my Grandma Susie arrived not much later — she brought me a Care-Bare [that she doctored up with a Band-Aid across the forehead] — very cool!!!! Thanks Grandma!!!!!). The nurse takes to bandage off my head and we get to see the extent of the wound. Not pretty. The wound is about 1 1/4″ long going left to right across my forehead (where we’ve all got those cute wrinkle lines) and goes all the way through to my skull. (Daddy interjects: Thankfully, no skull fracture or change of mental status) When I’m crying and bunching up my forehead, the wound puckers open to be about 1/4″ top to bottom and my skull shows quite clearly.

They put a topical anesthetic on it and I got to sit and wait for an hour or so before the doctor comes back. They wrap me in a sheet and hold me down. Then the doctor takes a really sharp needle attached to some thread and starts poking the needle through my forehead. (Daddy just reminded my they are called sutures — both dissolvable internals ones [3] and external ones that come out in 5 days [5]) Anyway, they hurt despite the topical. They had a bright light shining down on my face and by the time they were done, there was sweat dripping off me and I was nearly hyperventilating from crying so hard. Not cool.

So, I lost my innocent nature. Now I know what can happen from being carefree. *sigh* I want my old carefree days back. 🙁

100 1880
My chair and the step up to the foyer where I hit my head.

100 1876
After the initial exam with the topical anesthetic taped to my forehead. I’ve quit crying because I’m out of energy.

100 1874
Daddy holding me. Thankfully there was a TV in the room. That’s what I’m staring at in this picture and the one below with me on my Mommy’s lap.

100 1875

100 1879
Right before my sutures. Don’t click on this picture unless you really want to see the cut up close. It’s quite graphic for the faint of heart.

After the hospital, Daddy took Grandma’s car to go get dinner for everyone along with carpet cleaner to take the blood out of the carpet. Grandma Jo drove my minivan. She tried to kill us all. She almost when the wrong way out of the hospital, then drove through the ambulance only loading bay, nearly turned into the wrong lane of traffic (I think more than once). Mommy got out and kissed the ground when we got home. (Well, not really, but I think she should have). Sorry Grandma Jo, but your driving scared me!

Anyway, I had a quick bite to eat and then went to bed. Love and kisses to everyone. If I feel up to it, tomorrow we go to EPCOT and I’ll take it easy and relax over there.