I just wanted everyone to know that I have been really cranky for a few days and then yesterday I cut THREE new teeth! Now I can finally say I have TEETH instead of a TOOTH.

They just broke through yesterday during the day so I am still a bit cranky as they aren’t ALL the way through just yet. So now, I have all of my front teeth…two on the top and two on the bottom. YIPPIE! One step closer to steak. Just need those grinders now!

New Fish

Mommy & Daddy adopted some fish this weekend for our new tank. They got:

2 clown fish


2 Yellow Fin Blue Damsels


and 1 Blue Tang


The Blue Tang is a little sick but Mommy & Daddy said they would make sure things were right with it by tonight! Which means taking it back to the store and getting a different one. Anyway… they haven’t taken any pictures yet but Mommy found a few stock photos to post until the real pictures are taken.

We need help with names so IF you have any suggestions… PLEASE offer them!


Mommy and Daddy keep changing things around. We are getting a BIG fish tank (225 Gallons!) in a few weeks so they needed to redo the floor. Which meant…I got to spend a LOT of time at Grandma Jo & Grandpa Howie’s house.

Mommy & Daddy ripped up the carpet and the tile and the lenolium and then sanded the floors and then put down all new tile.

100 1264
100 1266

100 1271

100 1279

They grouted the floor this weekend and it looks so pretty. I have a whole new area to play in now. Apart from Mommy wearing an eye patch and Daddy having about 100 band-aids all over him… noone got injured!

100 1237

100 1261

I think it is really neat looking and I am amazed that I have such talented parents. The lines are even straight! GOOD JOB PARENTS!

Plus all this new FLOOR gives me more room for my new trains! Even if Daddy plays with them more than I do!

100 1242

100 1257

PROUD to welcome…

I have been a VERY unhappy baby lately. My mouth hurts all the time.
This morning I woke up really early and was in pain. Soon Mommy & Daddy found out why.
I GOT MY FIRST TOOTH! Top middle on the left side of my mouth! 🙂

100 1189

This is a picture Mommy took. She said she will try to take a better one tonight that shows more of my new TOOTH!

Look out STEAK here I come! 🙂