Busy Week of Fun and Friends

We have been non-stop all week. Mom last minute planned a surprise mini birthday at the bowling alley. Nothing big but I was happy. We had cupcakes with Star Wars rings on them. May the FORTH be with you!

IMG_7904 IMG_7907

We went to the theater and saw Dr. Kaboom! We got balcony side seating again and had a great time.


After the play we played in the gardens at the Dali museum and watched a pelican eat a mullet it had stabbed.


We have been having car issues for a week since Mom filled up with diesel. We were told to “run the tank empty” and refill and the issue should go away. So Grandma Susie joined us on a trip to burn off the fuel. We got to Sanford and the car started to panic. We had to leave it at a dealership to get it fixed out there and took a rental car home. We stopped at Disney Springs and wandered and stretched our legs.
IMG_7885 IMG_7873


Too old for POOH???

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