Florida Caverns

We loaded up the motorhome, we call her Luna now, and headed to the panhandle northwest of Tallahassee to visit the Florida Caverns.

We had a great campsite right on a cypress swamp. There were lots of critters to be seen. We had a barred owl hunting behind the campsite and had a fun time watching it swoop down to catch things on the ground or near the waters edge.

We even found this cool southern toad hopping around. He really camouflages in!


E and I were obsessed with all the bugs near the lights by the bathhouse.


We signed up for a morning cave tour and an evening flashlight cave tour. If I were to pick one, I would highly recommend the flashlight cave tour. We had a very small group and it was a lot less busy.

We goofed around while waiting for the tours to start.


The Florida Caverns are the only open air cave system in the state. Most of the caves we have in Florida are water caves.


It was amazing to see some of the familiar cave formations like: soda straws, flows, curtains, cave bacon and of course stalactites and stalagmites.



I called this one the mouth of the dragon.


After the first cave tour we hiked some trails. This one had a tunnel you could go through. We could hear bats up int he cracks but never found them.



The terrain is so different then the part of Florida we call home.


We found lots of other tiny cave entrances, all have been closed off to safety of the caves.


There were fields upon fields of a wild daffodil. They were very pretty.


Singing to the flowers.



On the evening cave tour, flashlights only, we saw LOTS of bats! IMG_6349

The next day we drove over to Tallahassee to visit the Tallahassee Museum and with high hopes of Emmerson getting to see his first wild white squirrel. We had great success. I remembered coming here when I was 6 years old.


They have upgraded the boardwalks and added a zip-line course as well.


The Florida panthers were adorable as they wrestled and played just like our house cats.


I don’t recall there being so much “swamp” last time we visited. This was a field of grass 4 years ago!


I suckered Mom into doing the tree-top course with me.


We got harnessed up and learned all the rules.


Then up we went.


There were about 15 obstacles you had to get through anywhere from 20 to 50 feet up in the air.


There were also 4 zip-lines in the course.


I had a GREAT time. I wanted to do the advanced course but we figured we would save that for another day!


Mom and Dad are always amazing with me. For a kid who is usually scared of his own shadow, I really enjoy things like this. Now if only I felt this way about roller coasters!


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