Back to School

We started back to school this week but Mom made sure the transition, after being off for such a long time, was easy. We played outside and met friend for park play. We made a giant hopscotch course and had fun hopping with friends avoiding lava, touch squares and other obstacles we dreamed up.

IMG_4927 IMG_4929

I am enjoying a break from FLVS classes and trying to focus on my math and writing. I am loving the last and final pre-algebra book in the series I am doing. Mom lets me use a calculator now but I have to be able to explain verbally what I am doing and why. It is making math less stressful. We are really focusing on writing and getting me faster and neater. I want to take some classes at the local college but I can’t until mom feels I can confidently take notes, answer written questions and stay on track a bit longer. I am really trying.


It is finally getting chilly outside. Thunder and I curled up to watch Avatar in 3D while Mom went out with some friends.


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