Disney Getaway

We headed over to Disney before Dad and the motorhome. We spent some time at Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney). We love Disney Quest and this year it was included in our passes. E and I played the Star Wars racer game for a long time.


I am awesome at ski-ball.


Our first night we went to Mickey’s Backyard BBQ. I really enjoyed the rope guy.

He was amazing !


We visited EPCOT the next day and said goodbye to Captain EO. A new attraction will be coming soon in its place.


We did the precessional package and ate at the German buffet. I liked spetziel. IMG_4092

We had front row seats for the show and Whoopi Goldburg was the narrator. We really enjoyed watching the percussionist and all the moving around that they had to do.

Dad had to work from the campsite in the mornings so Mom kept us going different directions. The pool was empty and the line for the slide was almost nonexistent.


We visited the Osborn lights to say goodbye as well. It was SO crowded that we really didn’t enjoy ourselves. It will be a shame to see it go but it is a logistical nightmare for the crowds and traffic.


We checked out some of the new things for the upcoming Star Wars area. They have a new Launch Pad that features Star Wars characters and all sorts of movie props. We were over the moon!

IMG_4112 IMG_4118

Our late show was Fantasmic. It is always a favorite.


Some Magic Kingdom fun with 4 rides in the week on the new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. We also spent a lot of time with the Sorcerers of the Kingdom trading card hunt. We are only missing one card now! #22. well we are missing the ones you have to pay for too but we don’t care.

Mom rode with tea cups with me and I went easy on her.


We got a new stuffed animal. I got Nala from the Lion King. IMG_4135

We waited to meet Santa.


He is an awesome guy and we told him we wanted lego lets for Christmas.


Hanging out at the campsite was a blast as well. We had our scooters and made lots of laps. There weren’t many other kids around but we had each other…and MOM!

Mom and Dad scootered around too. Dad ordered himself a scooter for our next trip.


We went to the campfire and played Bingo and sang holiday songs.

IMG_4173 IMG_4181

EPCOT was empty one morning. We walked on Soarin’ and then The Land (totally empty!).


The Mexico ride welcomes back the Three Caballeros after nearly 30 years! They just arrived this week back from their world tour!


We met a group of homeschoolers (Disneyschooling Orlando) at the world Showcase to listen to stories around the world about the holidays.


We heard about Kwanza.




La Bafana.




I wanted this cool peppermint trifle. It tasted like toothpaste. ICKY! IMG_4217

Off to China to learn about the lion.


The troll who uses magic.


Pere Noel.


Some of our local friends we met through Disney Schooling many years ago! We are all still good friends.


We did a carriage ride at Fort Wilderness. We requested Miss Laurie Lynn as usual. It has been tradition for 9 years now! We missed one and she wasn’t working another but pretty good track record. She remembers me as the one who sung “Jingle Bells all the way to Africa” when I was barely 2.


The elves managed to find us and create havoc int he new motorhome. Thank goodness they couldn’t find the lighter. Another night they had a marshmallow snowball fight!


Tired of waiting in lines.


We had finner at Wilderness Lodge at Boma and they had some neat crafts for donations. We made ornaments out of ostrich egg shell. Then we decorated cookies. Mom and Dad were very impressed with the detail I put into my giraffe and hippo.

IMG_4303 IMG_4306

Our last hurrah was at Animal Kingdom. We did all our favorites and then Kali River Rapids a few times. We got soaked. But that was the goal!


One mad (The Castle Guy) had a neat display at the campground. It danced and was set to the Wishes firework music. It was beyond spectacular! We went by a few times to see the display.


Final scooter ride as Dad wrapped up a conference call. We returned the cable modem via scooter then took a few laps through the loops to say goodbye.


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