4-H Marine Camp in Niceville, FL


We loaded the camper and drove up to Niceville for my camp. Dad dropped us off and Emmerson and Mom camped alone for the week. I enjoyed some walks around the campground. I loved all the deer moss that was tucked back in the bushes.

IMG_1526 IMG_1530 IMG_1533

We played in Rocky Bayou at the state park campground. The water was kind of stagnant so we tried to stay out of it.

IMG_1538 IMG_1551

We did wade a little but were worried about bacteria. We found out the next day they closed the water due to high bacteria counts.


I got dropped off at camp and settled right in. I waved good-bye and didn’t look back.


I don’t look like I am enjoying myself but I did! I was frustrated because the staff member couldn’t paint a dragon!


There weren’t really photos from camp so you will have to enjoy this photo of me with Chick Fil A and a frosted lemonade after camp pickup. A camp tradition of sugar treat after camp! IMG_1691

We stopped off at the Gulf World Aquarium on the way back to the campground.


I enjoyed seeing the mama and her baby swimming around in the pool.


What beautiful beaches and water. I had a blast at camp learning about marine life, jumping off of boats in 10 foot deep water, fishing and netting. I am looking forward to Marine Ecology this year for 4-H!


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