Back to the Grind


We have started back to school for the summer. We are only doing a light schedule and mixing it up with fun with friends. We have been bowling a lot lately with the Kids Bowl Free program. I tried an entire game without bumpers. I got a lot of gutter balls but took it in stride. I FINALLY got a strike!

IMG_1280 IMG_1292

I am loving my new drawing program. It is a right brained vs left brained system. You do a lot of things at the beginning to get your brain working. This image of a deer was upside down dn we had to copy it to the grid without looking at the correct image. Another fun activity was called faces and vases.


Another day back to bowling with friends. The parents were showing baby pictures! I think this was a battle of who drew on their face the most with markers!


We spend a lot of time checking out the bird feeder. We have had quite a zoo! Today we had a Eurasian Collared Dove! It was HUGE!



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