FLVS History and Science


I picked two more FLVS classes to take before our break. Sixth grade world history and seventh grade science. I only took the first semester in both classes and will make the second semester later this summer. I loved watching the videos and even Emmerson joined in.


The collaborative projects made my head hurt. I am much younger than most of the students in the classes but was amazed how some of them were rude, didn’t understand simple directions and just kept interrupting during the live lessons.

IMG_8734 IMG_8735

I had lots of projects for both classes. One of my favorites was building a model of the layers of the earth. I worked really hard on the project.

IMG_8740 IMG_8742 IMG_8747

For history I had to make a special purpose of the Inca Empire. I had to do lots of research and then draw, color and label the map.



I finished the science class in 3 weeks versus the 18 allotted. I got an A! The history class took 4 weeks and I got an A in that as well. I am really enjoying blasting through these classes in a single focus. I am also learning that tests aren’t that hard if i take good notes and study!



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