Florida State Fair

The state fair is always really fun. We get in free because we are in 4H. Today was 4H day at the fair. We had fun making candles.


We watched several live shows. I really liked watching the high divers. I was hot in the sun but the show was fun.

IMG_8478 IMG_8490

We also saw an alligator show. I didn’t enjoy it because I felt bad for the alligator in the show. It was an educational show but the alligator didn’t look that happy.

IMG_8497 IMG_8504

Daddy couldn’t come to the fair with us this year so we had donuts for him.


We watched chicks hatching. We also saw all the 4H animals.


My favorite place is still the insect area. I loved petting all the bugs they brought along. I learned about crime scene science and how they can use bugs to determine how long something has been dead. Maybe this could be a new career for me?


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