Field Trip to the Armed Forces Museum in Largo

Today we visited the Armed Forces Museum and had a docent tour through all the wars. We learned a lot about proper warfare and rules to war. I was upset seeing all the mines and knowing the damage that they did and still do to people.


The weapons have changed so much over time. We even saw a flamethrower that was used to kill people hiding in bunkers and trenches. Fortunatly, that was outlawed in warfare because it was “inhumane”. Yet war itself isn’t considered inhumane. I found the saw tooth bayonet to be a bit too much. As if stabbing someone isn’t enough, you rotate it and pull it out ripping out whatever from their body with it. ICK!


They had models of what it would be like to actually be IN THE TRENCHES.


We learned about island hopping and when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.


We lightened the mood with some observing the parking lot with the periscope. Then off to learn about Vietnam and Korea.


If was a lot to take in for a 9 year old. I learned a lot and have a better respect for people who fought in those battles. I am currently studying the Civil War in my history text and I enjoyed seeing some of the uniforms, weapons and items soldiers would have with them during the war.

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