Family Lego Land Trip

Last time we were at Legoland Mom saw a sign for a free ticket. She investigated and found out we got one free ticket per pass. We opted to use them with Grandma Jo, Grandpa Howie and Dad. The park was really empty and we got to enjoy all the rides we wanted. Daddy went on the Beetle Bounce with me a few times.


We were goofy and enjoyed taking some silly photos. E is such goof.


Grandma Jo had hurt her knee when she missed a step on the stepstool the other day so she got pushed around the entire park and also a assistance pass that got us in the handicap entrance on all the rides.


We wrapped up with a chilly ride on the Island in the Sky.


We had a great trip. What a fantastic way to end out Legoland passes. We don’t know if we will renew this year or pick something else.

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