FLVS Fitness Class

I have been working hard in another FLVS class lately. I signed up for Middle School Fitness. I had to create a workout routine and then turn it into a multimedia production to turn in to the teacher.


I liked adding the warrior pose. Emmerson wanted to help me.


Crunches are good too!


I am learning a lot in my class. We have to run a timed mile each week and Mom said she dislikes this part the most. Not because of the actual running but because I really like to complain when I run! Yesterday when I ran my mile I was screaming “STOP ABUSING ME!!!” at the top of my lungs. Mom was terrified one of the neighbors would hear this and call the police. She kept saying encouraging things but I only found the run to be sheer torture. When I was done, I commented to her that it actually wasn’t bad. Mom said, “UGH!”

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