Busy Day of Shells, Washing and Games

We had a fun trip Honeymoon Island to go shelling

We hiked over 2 miles up and down the beach and gathered lots of beautiful shells!

Mom found a perfect baby sand dollar.

Grandma Susie pointed out neat shells. We found jingles, cockles, mussels, oysters, coquina, angel wings and much more!

After the island we stopped to play laundry catchup. Daddy fixed the machine but mom said she’d be doing laundry all weekend if we didn’t knock it out quickly. E and I pretended we had widescreen TVs this time!

We spent the evening at Celebration Station for a free family fun night. I loved the go karts, bumper boats and silly rides.

Many of my close friends came too so we had fun doing the rides with them.

We even played a round of putt putt.

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