Off to Camp in Missouri-Sunday

I flew to Missouri unaccompanied minor. I had to wear a silly blue pouch around my neck.


The captain himself led us onto the plane. There were 3 other kids flying UM.


Mom had to wait at the gate until my flight was in the air. They have very strict rules.


Pushing back.


Off I go!


photo 4

photo 5

An hour after my flight landed Mom and Dad still hadn’t gotten the call that I was safe and sound. Finally the call came and I was missing! The counselor want to baggage claim to get me, found my bags but not me. She made a frantic call to Mom to verify where I was supposed to meet the staff. Mom informed them that I was indeed flying unaccompanied minor and I required a gate pick up, per airline policy. This was well stated on all the camp forms. Oh well. I was fine. They gathered me up and off we went to camp. I got there in time for check in and my annual photo with the llama.



The motley crew is my cabin. These kids look more my speed.


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