FWC Pathfinders Camp in Ocala

Mom and Dad drove me up to Ocala for camp drop off for FWC Pathfinders. This fun sign was at the entrance to the camp. Must be lots of things in the area. The bears made me a little nervous.


I picked my bunk and then was told that I couldn’t sleep there because it was a special bunk they weren’t using. 15 min after Mom and Dad left they gave that bunk to someone else. That made me upset. Rules are rules!


The boys in my cabin. We had a huge group and I was a bit of an outsider but I made the best of it.

FFWC Camp Ocala 18

I went fishing. I never caught a fish but I had fun trying.

FFWC Camp Ocala 2

FFWC Camp Ocala 3

More fishing and not catching.

FFWC Camp Ocala 4

I learned to shoot a shotgun, 22 rifle and a muzzleloader. I only liked the 22. Everything else was too much kickback for me.

FFWC Camp Ocala 7

FFWC Camp Ocala 8

FFWC Camp Ocala 9

FFWC Camp Ocala 10

I preferred archery.

FFWC Camp Ocala 12

I learned a lot of survival skills and how to make a fire and shelter.

FFWC Camp Ocala 13

FFWC Camp Ocala 14

FFWC Camp Ocala 15

We visited the “zoo” and saw animals. This is a baby gopher tortoise.

FFWC Camp Ocala 16

I held a baby alligator. His mouth was taped shut.

FFWC Camp Ocala 17  

We did canoeing and kayaking. I LOVED both.

FFWC Camp Ocala 20

FFWC Camp Ocala 22

FFWC Camp Ocala 23

FFWC Camp Ocala 27

FFWC Camp Ocala 29

FFWC Camp Ocala 31

I came home from camp emotionally spent, whiny and exhausted. I had a horrible time. But after a nap I left better. I was upset with myself that I skipped the Mud Hike because I was afraid. I was teased a bit but in hindsight it was no big deal. I passed my hunters safety course. I can pretty much recite the entire guide!


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