Threshers Star Wars Night

Mommy informed us that there was a costume contest at the upcoming Star Wards night at a Threshers game. We talked about some costume ideas and agreed homemade is always better. After some online research on easy to make costumes we picked something not so simple… and AT-AT. That stands for All Terrain Armored Transport. You can Google it if you want to see one from the movie.

When I was at class Mom and E took to the store to get supplies. They bought a huge rubbermaid tub, spray paint, a toilet flange and a few things.


When I got home it was at this stage and then we found out the arm holes were too high for me so we created a way to cover them up. We also added pipe insulation around the neck holes so they weren’t so sharp.


We hunted down some old baseball pants and made the lets of the AT-AT.


Then we worked on adding details. We were stumped on the turrets and Mommy ended up using spray paint can lids and straws. The holes were covered with cardboard with details to look like rivets.


A little fancy painting and now to let it dry in the rain and humid weather.




We arrived at the game last night and took several laps around the concourse to show off our costume and so the judges could see it. We had a blast getting out photos taken with many of the Tampa Bay Garrison of the 501st.


My legs were killing me from walking in a funny squat way for so long. I had a small breakdown but a lemonade and a little rest fueled me.



God Bless America.



We found out we were in the final 3 and had to report to the field for a judging by the fans.


Tough competition against a girls ith a homemade guard costume and a boy with a semi homemade stormtrooper meats Lego dude.


The crowd was the judge. And we WON! We won the grand prize of a suite rental to a future home game. Very cool!


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