Gainesville for Forest Ecology Contest

We left our Friday classes a little early to drive to Gainesville in advance of the contest. We went to the Florida Natural History Museum and explored the butterfly gardens.


The owl butterfly was beautiful.


I greatly enjoyed looking up the different species we encountered.


Relaxing and watching the butterflies flutter about the area.



We had sumner at a cool pizza place called Satchels. I got a retro yo-yo type toy from the giftshop.


I also got a tiny set of playing cards. They were really tiny.


Up bright and early the next morning and Daddy dropped Mom and I off in the forest at the center where the contest was being held.


It is a new building along a very nice lake full of wildlife, including a few alligators.


Listening carefully to the directions of the contest.


I had to go through lots of different rotations: plants, trees, animals, forest health, maps and finally ecology stories. After it was all finished we got to show our families around the areas. I had a few problems not some of the identifications but I was very pleased and proud. I only decided a few weeks ago I wanted to try this contest and most of the kids had studied all year long.


I want to come back next year and try again!


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