Rainbow Springs Camping Fun

We took a much needed getaway after our annual homeschool evals and before baseball starts up. We loaded the camper and headed to Rainbow Springs State Park up near Dunnellon.

While Mom and Dad set up camp, E and I whittled sticks.

We went on many hikes to explore the sandhill area. Since my 4-H competition is in less than two weeks this was a great chance touch and study the trees.

I acted as a junior guide and naturlist and pointed out longleaf pine, red oak, pawpaws and much more. We had to take a break to listen to the animals and nature sounds.

We spent the morning on a successful 2 hour canoe trip. We saw all sorts of fish, turtles and birds. We even had an alligator growl at us!

I loved hiking at the state park. There were a lot of manmade waterfalls, a butterfly garden and a rooving naturalist that I talked to for quite some time.

We found lots of spots where the water bubbles up to form the spring head.

I even made a friend and went swimming.

Floating in the warm water. it was 72f.

I challenged myself to swim out the middle of the roped area and try to stand on a giant rock. My first try I got out but went to the wrong part of the rock. Try #2 I made it!

photo 1

photo 4

We enjoyed the campground after a fun day of canoeing and hiking. I learned to play ping pong.

We made lassos and set animal traps.


Came home and parked the camper and headed off on a gnome hunt to win baseball tickets!

We won! hehe We found the gnome and eon 4 tickets to opening night.

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