Young Eagles Flying School

Mommy found out about Young Eagles flying class and I was excited to try it out. It is a free program where youth get to experience a flight in a small engine plane. I got up early and got ready for my day. We got the paperwork filled out and waited our turn.


We toured a few planes and got to see inside of them.


I made some new friends for the day while we were waiting.


I was #4 so I got to go fairly early in the day. I got teamed up with a really nice man who made his plane from a kit. It is a RV-7A. It was super shiny and a two seater.


All loaded in and ready to go.


Waving goodbye to Mom on the ground. I was the 2nd plane up of the day.


The pilot took a long run on the runway and then suddenly cut up tight and fast.


We were up for about 20 minutes and toured all over the county. My pilot was awesome and offered to let me take the controls. I got a little scared at that and politely declined.


Mommy said I look taller and older now.


Mr. Bruce was fantastic and I have no logged my first flight.