Tooth Trauma

It has been a rough week for me. I was at the playground riding bikes with my pal, Lex. I apparently looked down at my tire because a leaf got stuck. I tipped over and landed teeth first not he tennis courts. Mommy gathered the pieces while Daddy raced to the scene of the accident. We raced off to the dentist (6pm!!!) for an emergency visit.


They took me back and gave me goofy gas and reattached one of the teeth and rebuilt out of bonding material the other tooth.


It looks a lot better but it is not perfect. I go back on Monday during normal hours for the finishing touches. How a kid can fall face first off of a bike and only break teeth. No scratches on my body at all! Well, a little dime sized scratch on my elbow.


My friend, Lex, left me a nice note and some beads to help me feel better. They brought the bikes and scooters home while we raced off to the dentist.


I am stuck for the weekend with limited activity and soft foods. There is still a chance the teeth will die so I have to be super careful until they heal up a little.


Back to the dentist for a polish and check.


You can only tell they are fixed up if you look SUPER close. I am happy! I go back in 6 weeks to check the nerves and see how the teeth are doing.


UPDATE**3/17/2014** Everything looked great at the 6 week checkup. The nerves responded to the cold test. The dentist filed a little bit on the right tooth as there was a small bump. We are all pleased with the results, now I just have to wear my mouthguard, not do silly things and watch hard foods…for the rest of my life. Silly adult teeth! Mommy said “that was one expense leaf that got stuck in my tire.”

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