The Weeks Don’t Exist

We came home from Disney to a broken garage door. This lead to Mom and Dad having this great idea to replace a bad piece of drywall in the ceiling before the new door got installed.   


Which lead to the discovery that the entire ceiling needed to come down and the wiring needed updated and new insulation installed… all before the two week scheduled garage door install. Mom and Dad worked non-stop for over a week from the wee morning hours until the sun set. E and I were basically on our own. Told not to kill, mame or injure each other while Mom and Dad worked in the garage inhaling insulation into their lungs. After much hard work they broke down and hired a drywaller to finish the job, JUST IN TIME for the door to be installed.


After the sun went down Mom and Dad tried to have fun with us. We were all tired. We baked cookies in the evening one night. Had dinner at 7 or 8 pm most nights. We enjoyed the no school, total free time but were all glad to get back to a normal schedule full of some routine.


Our owl even visited a few more times.


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