Marine Quest and Haunted Houses

We had a great time at Marine Quest. I took my time studying and learning about the fish, crabs, shells and whatever else was on my study list for the 4H MEE event coming up in a few weeks. I practiced fishing in a stocked pond.


We held and pet a baby alligator.



After a long day at Marine Quest and the St. Pete Science Expo we opted to go to a pre Halloween outing to Angelus House for their Haunted Halloween celebration.


We went through several haunted houses, a haunted carriage ride and a haunted hike. Everything was zombie themed. It was amazingly scary but we had a lot of fun. Little kids and scared kids could get a glowstick bracelet and that warned people not to scare them TOO bad.

Dad and I hiked the trail and he kept me safe from things that could jump out at me. I waved my glow stick the entire time to let people hiding in the bushes know that I was scared.


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