Onondaga Caves

Just like last year before I got dropped at camp we visited another cave this year. We went to Onondaga State Park and visited their cave, Onondaga Cave. We got there early and explored the grounds a bit, visited the nature center and learned about the history of the cave.


We were the only four guests on the tour! It was great! I probably annoyed the heck out of the guide will all my questions and silly things I thought the cave formations looked like.


This was called the “twins”.


Some nice flow stone.


The cave was once owned by the man who also owned Maramac Caverns (we visited these last year). He apparently liked creating reflecting pools. I was glad that the state park system was trying to restore as much of the natural elements as possible.


Stalactite, Stalagmite, Soda Straws, Columns, Bacon, Cave Curtains, Flowstone, Dolomite… WOW! I can explain them all!


This was called the “Lily Pad” room. The rock formations looked like lily pads.


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