Loosing Teeth and Gaining Friends

Mommy said it is amazing how fast i am loosing my teeth now that I lost the first one. Two more to go and I am done for a while. THey are just starting to wiggle so probably a few months and they will fall out.


I made a new group of friends at the park today. I was showing them how to unroll leaves to find caterpillars. I taught them all the signs of caterpillars are around: eggs on leaves, chewing marks, and poop! In about a half hour the lot of us collected well over 50 caterpillars.


That afternoon two of the neighborhood kids came over and hung out. We had a great time playing but one of them sat on and popped Emmerson’s big red bouncy ball. I got really mad and suggested it was probably time for me to go inside. Mommy was very proud that I didn’t cry about it. They had to go home for dinner anyway.


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