Science Week

This week were just full of science experiments and classes. We made bubbles to float above water.



I made a submarine and won a science challenge to keep is suspended in the water.



The next day we went to a science show out at USF. We saw some cool dry ice experiments.


My favorite was the fire breathing dragon and the exploding ping pong balls.


I tried to find where they were putting skewers through balloons. We finally found it inside of an over crowded building. I wanted to badly to try this one that I braved the shoulder to shoulder crowds while clinging onto Mom and Emmerson to make it there without loosing each other. As soon as I got my balloon we high tailed it out of the event and headed home. The crowds got crazy!


We had a bonus science class on centripetal force with Mr. McWiz.


We made a model of the solar system and learned how the moons surface was made by things crashing into it. We made a plate of sand and rocketed marbles into the surface to make craters.


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