Cozumel, Mexico and Submarines

Oh I am living the life. Taking a nap on the bow of the ship!


It was actually a little chilly in Cozumel.


Today we got up and went ashore to take a submarine ride. We took a tender boat out to the open waters and suddenly a submarine appeared! How awesome to watch it pop up out of the water. We toed up next to it and then climbed on top and down a steep stairwell down to the benches to sit on.


We all survived the transfer and made it safely to our portholes.


I loved watching the depth indicator.


This guy, sergeant fish, hung out on the window the entire trip!


We went really deep and saw lots of coral reefs, fish and corals.




I started to have a minor panic attack right around 100 feet down. I was told the sub went down to 100 feet. We passed 100 and I thought the sub was going to implode! Mommy calmed me down and we were fine then.



we got to 111 feet and then came to an ocean ledge end and a 1000+ foot drop off. I was happy to end the voyage, turn around and head back above.


We wandered the shops and markets. We got some bracelets made with our names on them. I watched in amazement how quickly the lady could make the letters out of simple strings.


Emmerson got a little bored after his was finished and Daddy’s shoe made a nice bench.


We came back to the ship and cleaned up. Emmerson took a nap and I enjoyed some book time on my iPad out on the deck in the shade. It started raining a little later so we all had to go into the room.


Goodbye Cozumel.


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