Life in Fast Forward

The holidays are fast approaching and we are going at a zillion miles an hour lately. We still find time to do arts and crafts. I made this awesome otter out of Model Magic.


We learned about worm composting at 4H.


I had several science lessons with Mr. McWiz!


I wrapped up my level 3B mathbook. We are going to take a break from this program and read the Life of Fred books for a while now.


I got my teeth cleaned at the dentist. I like to go visit because the lobby is full of video games.


Straight home from the dentist I had my first and probably last ever Twinkie! I really didn’t care for them.


We went to the Festival of Trees at the Long Center and we bought a cool wreath. We hung it on the front door for the holidays.


I got a bit carried away with temporary tattoos!


We had a fun morning at Farm City Day for 4H.


Then the speed of life hit me and I was down for the count. I spend the entire weekend on the cot in the living room. We all got sick, except Daddy.


With Thanksgiving on its way, we learned that Great Grandpa Reed passed away. We were all very sad. I wish I had gotten to know him better. Our goal was to keep Daddy healthy so he could attend the funeral in PA. Lockdown at our house until we all were better. Emmerson was better quickly and I took an extra day. Mommy got hit with the plague but bounced back, Moms aren’t allowed to get sick according to Daddy.

We had a very quiet Thanksgiving, as everyone was headed north for the funeral of Great Grandpa. There were lots of leftovers! I ate my first turkey leg!

Hoping things slow down a bit soon. We could all use the break.

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