Progress Energy Power Demonstration

Mommy read online about a High Voltage Power Demo today. We loaded up the car and headed over to the Progress Energy center down the street. We got there and the place was deserted. We told the guy at the gate we were here to see the power demo and he let us into the deserted parking lot. We sat and waited and waited. Then someone came up to us and asked who we were friends with at the Power Company. Apparently this demo was for media and family only. They were super nice and let us stay anyway.



They prepare the rig.


We learned a lot about safety and circuits. One of the ladies was VERY impressed that I knew so much about circuits already at the age of 7. She guessed I was a homeschooler!


Power line into a boot with a hole in it. BOOM it tripped the fuse.


Pretending a hotdog is a finger and showing what would happen if you touched a live wire.


Sizzle sizzle cooked hot dog! Dead Person!


I got to help in the demo and check the lineman’s glove for holes. I found a hole rather quickly. I did a great safety check.


I got to pass the glove around to all the media people. I was interviewed by a few media people afterwards.


What a neat demo! Glad we snuck into the private event.

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