Park, Birthday and Parade

My friend, Aran, had a party at the trains at Largo Park today. I enjoyed the merry-go-round for a while before his party started.



Having fun on the trains.


After his party, we rushed to Dunedin to catch the holiday parade. Mommy found an awesome FREE parking spot and we walked a block to the parade and found front spot right on the guard fence.


I loved the bands. I think I may want to learn how to play bagpipes! 🙂



My friend, Camden, was in the parade passing out candy with his soccer club.


After over an hour and a half the end of the parade finally came. Santa and Mrs. Claus looked great. I told Mommy it may have been the real Santa and not one of the elves.


We got LOTS of candy, beads and other parade tossed items. The only thing not tossed were the candy canes. They said they were too dangerous? Who knows. Apparently beads are fine to toss but candy-canes could take out an eye?

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