Sea Life Boat Excursion

Today we went on a Sea Life boat ride out of the Clearwater Marine Aquarium with a bunch of other homeschoolers. The man talking absolutely cracked me up. He had us all yelping like dolphins.


Me trying to control my laughter while “yelping” with my hand.


Heading down the inter-coastal waterway was so much fun. We watched for dolphin, but sadly saw none. They did drop a trolling net (called an otter net) and brought in sea life for us to see. I saw a seahorse, shrimp, clams, and lots of different types of fish. They record all the data from their sweep and then release everything back out to the wild.


We stopped at “One Tree Island” for some shelling. I opted to splash in the water and try to catch things in my net. It was high-tide so I didn’t have much luck.


What a beautiful day for a boat trip.



This was a flounder that they caught in the trolling net. Very cool! The seahorse was too small to get a good picture of. It was about the size of three pencil erasers. SUPER TINY!


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