Clearwater Marine Aquarium

We dropped Daddy off at the airport today for his business trip to New Orleans. Afterwards, Mommy took us out to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium since it is free this month with our Great Explorations season passes.

First stop… RIVER OTTERS!


They were so cute. I could have watched them play in the water all day. They eventually got tired and went to take a nap. Then I got bored.


We checked in a bit later as it was feeding time. They were up and swimming again. I so love otters!


We watched a movie and learned all about Winter the dolphin. She got caught in the rope of a crab trap and her tail was strangled and she lost it. She taught herself to swim again but she was swimming like a shark with a side to side motion versus the up and down that dolphins do. A local company made her this prosthetic tail and they are teaching her to swim the correct way again. They needed to do this because the shark like swimming was very bad for her spine.


This is Pamana. We watched her swim around for a while while we waited for the Winter show.


The trained is getting Winter ready to put on the fake tail.


Here is Winter without the prosthesis.


Prepping her to get her back to straighten, muscles to relax and generally calm down.


All done and ready to swim like a dolphin should! Can you see the artificial tail?


I loved watching her swim around with the help of her new tail.


What a great visit to the CMA.

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