Busch Gardens and Jack Hanna

I was so excited to go to Busch Gardens today. It was a nice break from schoolwork. However, I probably learn more out doing things somedays. Today was one of those days! We walked and read about a lot of animals.

I spent a fair amount of time in with the kangaroos, as usual.

We explored the under water view tunnels in Jungala and learned abut piranha.


I went into the pop-up and got a super close view of tigers.


I went on the Air Grover roller coaster 11 times!


I climbed super high in Jungala. I am the little yellow speck in the jutting out triangle.


We rode a bunch of other rides since the kids area was pretty empty. The lines for the bigger rides were about an hour!! Spring Break combined with Easter week at it truly made it a zoo.

Mommy kept an eye on the clock and we headed to a show about an hour before it started.


Today Jack Hanna was at Busch Gardens giving a talk for Earth Day. He brought a bunch of animals I had only read about!

Jack was a wonderfully nice man.


A is for aardvark!


Bobcat that was 9 weeks old


Egyptian cat… Caracal!


The name escapes me of this little guy. He is similar to the bearcat below.


Bear cat…Binturong


Jack Hanna


New cheetah at the zoo and it’s pal a puppy!


Jack Hanna explaining how cheetahs are social animals and the dog provides a companion for him.


We hung out at the end of the show and got Jack’s autograph and a photo with him! He was super nice.



On the way out we saw a 10 day old 9-banded armadillo!


We also say wallabies, kangaroos, flamingos, skunks and many other animals in the show. I was SO amazed. I told Mommy that I wanted to be just like Jack Hanna someday and own my own zoo and put on zoo shows. You all know how I LOVE to do my “Mrs. Sue” shows! I have been busy lately designing zoo habitats for the future!

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