Chilly Ohio Spring Break

As usual we had a grand time on our Ohio vacation. We went to Riverside Gardens for “Plant the Seed to Read”. The MAYOR of Youngstown read a story about colors. I kept shouting out all the answers.


He did a great time reading.



After the story time we took Grandma Susie and Great Granny Barbara back to the house and we went to Boardman Park for the Maple Sugar Festival. It was kind of boring. This one man was making bent iron. It was fun to watch him heat it up on his little stove. I was chosen to keep spinning a handle to fuel the fire to make it hotter.


I think he forgot I was there. I just kept spinning the handle and spinning and spinning.


Eventually he had me stop. I saw the hayride come back and I took off running. It was super chilly.


Thank goodness Mommy brought my super cool new Night Fury hat.


We saw many trees tapped for maple sugar. I am still amazed that it takes 30 gallons of sap from the tree to make 1 gallon of actual syrup!


Later I went digging for worms. This is always a huge highlight of my trip up to Ohio. Mommy and Grandma Susie were sitting in the garage trying to stay warm and I was LOOKING for worms… Hmmmm… I don’t think Mommy meant for me to do this!



Mommy had to replace the bricks 5 times during the trip. I just kept thinking the worms would come up!


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