Discovery STS 133 Space Shuttle Launch

We made a last minute decision to load up the car and head to Titusville to see if we could see the last mission of Discovery lift off. We left the house super early with the entire family plus Grandma Jo and Grandpa Howie in tow. We got to Titusville a little before 9am and quickly parked the car and then hunted for a good place to set up. We were only a few people back from the edge of the wall to the water. So just about 6 miles from the launch pad. We new up front we were in for a LONG day. T-minus 8 hours and counting! ugh!

The lines for the bathrooms were nearly an hour long! Mommy and Grandma Jo took us to a little museum where they had things that were part of or flown in prior missions. It was neat but you weren’t allowed to touch anything.


Back to the chairs for snacks and more snacks. We played a few rounds of cards and Mommy read to Emmerson and me a lot. We managed to find ways to pass the time. It really wasn’t that bad!


About 4 hours to launch and everyone was still hanging in there.


Nearly the launch time. We met a lot of nice people around us and even got interviewed for a TV show. Of course, I didn’t want to talk about the shuttle… I wanted to ONLY talk about BUGS! I showed the TV reporter my huge bug collection that I captured during the day. Anytime someone finished a bottle of water I snatched the bottle and went hunting for something to catch.

Once the countdown was good to go and the shuttle had a good chance of liftoff, everyone started crowding into the area. I was lucky enough to stand up with some new friends and get a front row spot.


They said there were about 10,000 people crammed JUST into Space View Park! Look there is Grandpa dead center! 🙂


Behind us was crazy. There was little or no room to move.


This made me giggle a little. What was an astronaut doing walking along the pier!?


And we have lift off!


Zoom zoom zoom!


Look out bird!


The smoke trail was awesome!


The day could not have been more perfect. What an amazing opportunity.


God Speed Discovery! See you in a few days back on EARTH! That is so cool that they are in space!

The drive home was a traffic nightmare. We finally got in just before midnight! UGH!

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