4H Garden Update

My eggplants are doing AWESOME! I brought this big home tonight.


You can see Mommy’s hand at the top of the photo for size comparison. By next week I should have a bunch more. They are best harvested between 4 and 7 inches in length. The white “gretel” eggplants don’t get very big like the purple ones do.


These are my turnips.


My broccoli is doing well.


The lettuce is growing a bit scattered. We broke up the big clump today and transplanted it to a few new spots. Maybe not it will get a big bigger.


The sugar snap peas are finally getting a bit taller. Lots of blossoms. Maybe I will have peas soon!


I also have onions but Mommy forgot to take a picture of them! 🙂

Candy Cane Hunt with Homeschool Pals

On your mark, get set… GO! We had a blast hunting candy canes at Phillippe Park today with our homeschool friends. They hid over 800 candy canes all over and we had to go hunt. It was so much fun! I was awesome at finding them.


I liked helping Emmerson find them as well.


Some of my friends and our stash!


I was trying to climb the tree to get a high one down. Mommy had to help.


Busch Gardens

Mommy found a great deal on Busch Gardens passes so we went over today to have some fun. I wanted Mommy to take pictures of EVERYTHING!




I love meerkats! I also saw otters!!!



Waiting for the train to go visit the animals out on the savannah.


I had a great time with Emmerson on all the kids rides. I told Mommy “I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT WANT TO GO ON ROLLER COASTERS!”


I liked the egg ferris wheel the best.


On the way out we stopped to see the kangaroos. You had to be 5 to go pet them. Mommy waited outside with Emmerson while I went in ALONE! I felt like such a big kid! I cuddled and pet the kangaroos for about 15 minutes! I like this was my favorite part of the day. I was the only person in the petting area the entire time! Slow cold day!


Ft. Wilderness Campgrounds to Kick Off the Holidays

I had a blast at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. I got to ride every ride I wanted to! I even got to ride some that I did NOT want to ride! But I was still smiling at parade time.


I really love parades. I really liked the dancing reindeers, Chip and Dale and seeing Mickey Mouse!


Santa was cool too! I tried to tell him about Ollie but he was moving too fast. After the parade Emmerson and I were all tuckered out and just wanted to go back and go to bed. We both fell asleep on the boat ride back to the campgrounds.


I had a great time at Animal Kingdom the next day with Mommy, Grandma Jo and Grandpa Howie. I got to see tons of animals on the safari ride, twice! I kept telling Mommy that it was the BEST day ever! I even won a stuffed animal at the arcade games.

We went to EPCOT for the Candle Light Processional after a afternoon break. I cuddled up with Grandma Jo to keep warm. I loved all the music and was (as usual) fascinated by the sign language interpreter! I liked having Daddy to snuggle up with as well. It has been strange having him out of the house a few days of the week now. I miss him a lot when he is gone.

The last day of vacation we went to breakfast and then over to see the HUGE gingerbread house in the Grand Floridian. I got a gingerbread cookie! Then we rode the monorail around for a while. I had a great vacation but was glad to get home and warm up. It was a chilly several days.


Gymnastics Recital!

Hanging out with Daddy before the show starts. I was SO happy to have Grandma Jo and Grandpa Howie come see Emmerson and me show off all the things we have learned.


Our cool new shirts!


Warming up and actually participating AND paying attention!


Hands up before you start. Ummm, what are those? Rings? We haven’t practiced that before!! Crap! Oh no! PANIC! It lasted for about 10-20 seconds and Coach Grant let me go sit back down.


Ahh, something more familiar! Prepping for my backwards roll. I love the floor exercises and tumble track the best.


Hard to see but I am dong an awesome bridge!


Gymnast, tumble, lunge… forward roll!


I was a bit wiggly but I didn’t get kicked out. Waiting for everyone else to go is so hard! But I LOVE gymnastics!

At the end I was so excited to get my trophy. Sadly, it was broken. It should spin but one of the little bars that helps it spin is broken. I went into a complete crying fit. Mommy explained that the new one was already on the way and it would be here when we go back to class in two weeks.

After the recital we raced to my friend’s birthday party. I managed to get whacked in the face with a huge wiffle-ball bat and then TWICE have sand thrown in my face and mouth. It just wasn’t my day!

Daddy and Emmerson made cupcakes tonight and we had a nice celebration for my 5 and a HALF birthday (technically yesterday!). I can’t believe I am 5 and a HALF! Next play date I am going to tell ALL my friends!!