Fun Day of Randomness

We started with 4H Garden Club and working in my garden. Something ate my sugar snap peas so we built a fence around the garden. My eggplant had a few blossoms this week and I hope it grows some eggplants soon. I planted broccoli and turnips in the last few weeks. My onions are growing well. I have a few tiny lettuce plants sprouting as well as the new sugar snap peas we planted. No sign of my carrots just yet. There is hope!

After the garden we stopped at McGough Nature Park for some leg stretching and animal fun. I enjoyed looking around the nature center. They had a lot of neat displays and things to look at and TOUCH.


We looked at the owl and then headed to the turtle ponds to feed the turtles. Daddy helped Emmerson and I so we didn’t accidently fall in or dump in our entire cups of turtle food.


I kept asking Mommy to throw food out far for the turtles since they weren’t coming up to the dock.


The three boys hard at work!


We walked all around the pond looking for more turtles but it was a bit chilly and they were all basking in the sun until we came close. SPLASH they all dove in the pond.

DSCN5999We enjoyed a nice lunch out at a subshop in Largo and then visited Haslam’s Bookstore in St. Petersburg. I always love to see Tea-cup, the cat at the bookstore. I picked out a few new Magic School House books and was quickly ready to go! I never make up my mind quick… it was just a quirky kid of day.

We headed down the street to the Morean Art Center and participated in a fussed glass class and got to make sun-catchers.

This is a picture of the entire families.

This was Mommy’s sun-catcher.


I worked very hard on mine and was VERY proud of my work. I had to stack and glue all the pieces together. When I was done it sat to dry. Once the glue was dry it is going to be fired in the kiln at the HotShop out back of the studio. The heat will make the glass fuse together. We get to pick them up this week sometime! I am so excited!


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